We will do our very best to support your delivery just as you hope.
Here is a guidance for your delivery and hospitalization.

Please let us know if the husband or family members wish to be present with the mother at the delivery. Please note that we restrict the number of the attendances to two for hygienic reasons and in case of emergency.
If required, we give a local anaesthesia injection at a lower back of the mother in a shrimp-like posture for an epidural anesthesia. It will help to ease the pain of the delivery as well as the tension and strain (additionally charged).
Kangaroo Care @We employ a method called "Kangaroo Care". Kangaroo care is a technique that the mother hold the newborn skin-to-skin on her chest. It was named for the similarity of the animal taking care of their infants very closely in their pockets. It will provide a newborn a sense of security, and a mother a deep affection. It is also verified to be effective for newborns' steady breathing, mothers' breast-feeding, developing a strong bond between mother and child, etc.
* Please note that depending on mothers' or babies' state immediately after the delivery, in some cases it cannot be employed.
Delivery Room Operating Room
Newborns' Room Bathing Room
Room for three people Private Room
Duration Basic duration : 6 days / In case of Caesarean section : 10 days.
@@It may be changed depending on mother's health condition.
@@It can be shortened with the doctor's permission.

Non-separation of
the Mother and
the Newborn
The mother and the newborn will basically share the same room after the delivery. In case the newborn requires some medical treatment / the mother requires full rest / etc., the newborn will be taken care of by the staff.
If requested, the newborn can be taken care of in the Newborns' Room.

Mother's Milk oWe encourage the newborn try to suck its mother's breast immediately after the delivery, but in some cases it cannot be done depending on the mother or the baby's condition. If necessary an appropriate bottle-feeding can be added. Each mother's request will have the priority, so do not hesitate to consult with the doctor or the medical staff.

Meals We offer well-balanced meals designed by nutritionist.
Mothers feel hungry more often due to nursing or breast-feeding of the baby during the night, so we offer a light snack at 20:00.
Washing /
Hospital Clothes
We advise that the family members will take care of the washings. If it's not possible, you can use the hospital laundry service (Fee is charged). You can wear either hospital clothes or your own nightclothes.

Overnight Stay Baby's father or a family member can sleep overnight in an extra bed in the private room. An extra meal can be prepared upon request (Fee is charged).
Expense for
the Delivery
Normal delivery : approx. 450,000 yen

Payment Cash / Credit card
The Japan Obstetric
System for
Cerebral Palsy
IIB joined The Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy. It is a compensation system that covers the newborns and their families in case of an unexpected accident at the delivery in spite of all the effort that doctors and medical staff made.
You need a premium of 30,000 yen for the registration, but the Lump Sum Birth Allowance which gets paid to all those who had childbirth increased from 350,000 yen to current 380,000 yen, your are actually not paying any extra.
For further details, do not hesitate to ask outpatient nurses or at the reception.

Deposit and Direct
Payment System
In order to reduce the amount of the payment after the delivery, IIB employs the deposit and direct payment systems. For example, if you paid 250,000 yen at the pre-delivery check-up, you need to pay only 200,000 yen when you leave the hospital (In case of an average delivery).
The direct payment system is that medical institutions would claim the Lump Sum Birth Allowance to the health insurance society instead of a mother. The health insurance society will pay it directly to the medical institution. The amount of Lump Sum Birth Allowance is 420,000 yen, which means by using this system you need to pay only 30,000 yen out of total expense 450,000 yen when you leave the hospital.
Please note in case of nonpayment or being a non-member the health insurance, you may not be able to apply this direct payment system. You are advised to confirm the conditions with the local government or your employer.
  We hold workshops for mothers-to-be who plan to have deliveries at IIB.
We also invite a nutritionist to talk about well-balanced meals at the workshop.

Early Period 16 - 27 weeks of pregnancy / On the 4th Friday, 13:30 -
Midwives talk about the pregnancy.
Topics : Weight increase, unpleasant symptoms, how to take care of your breast, how to handle pregnancy (favorite food, sex life, etc.).

Latter Period 28 - 36 weeks of pregnancy / On the 2nd Friday, 13:30 -
Midwives talk about the preparation for the delivery.
Topics : Items needed in the hospital, when to go into a hospital, procedure of the delivery, things you can start now for the delivery.

Visiting Hours:
You can visit inpatients up to 20:00.

Both the newborn and the mother are exhausted after the delivery. Please consider their conditions when visiting. Please refrain from visiting if you had cold or any kind of contagious diseases.
In such cases of the visits on the day of the delivery, family members forced to visit outside visiting hours due to work, etc., please consult.

Amenity Set Delivery Set Little Present
Birth Photos  
Child Care Notebook
Nursery "Petit" If you are in the hospital for the 2nd childbirth, you may apply beforehand to leave your first child to an outside-hospital nursery "Petit".
  If you live far from Iwakuni-city but hope to have a delivery in your hometown, please let us know ahead of schedule by telephone.
You need to give us your name, address, due date, your parents' address in Iwakuni, and other information such as your health condition, the fetus' condition (position being feet first, you had a a Caesarean section before, etc.) to make a temporary reservation.
Later please visit the hospital with a letter of introduction of your doctor by 34 - 36 weeks of the pregnancy.
You are advised to visit earlier if you had any worries regarding the delivery.