Specific Health Examination
Mass Screening for Lung Cancer
Mass Screening for Colorectal Cancer
Mass Screening for Stomach Cancer
Mass Screening for the Prostate

Endoscopy (Reservation required)
Ultrasound Check of the Abdomen
Ultrasound Check of the Thyroid Gland
PWV/ABI (Pulse Wave Velocity / Ankle Brachial Index)
Ultrasound Cardiography
Holter ECG Test
Fat Scan

Dr. Bon SHOJI Hepatic expert, Internal medicine generalist
Hobby: watching movies. My recent favorite is "THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY". I couldn't help sympathizing with the main character.
My belief: Medical service should be side-by-side with patients, not top-down.

Dr. Mari WAKIMOTO Digestive organs specialist, Internal medicine generalist
My motto ; in order to make patients full of vitality I myself need to be healthy, happy and enjoy life first!