Kid Inn, the nursery center for convalescent children, has a tie-up with Iwakuni-City to look after infants and school children temporarily when they cannot be taken care of at their homes or attend their schools due to their illness or injuries.
You can make use of it when you cannot see the child due to work, illness, accidents or ceremonial occasions.

Children’s age 6 Months old - 3rd graders
Service hours Weekdays / 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturdays / 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
• Please note that you need to have your child seen by the Iwakuni Byoin pediatrician on your first day.
• On Thursday afternoons, we might have to decline a child with acute symptoms, since the Iwakuni Byoin pediatric department is closed.
Holidays Sundays, national holidays, afternoons of Saturdays and the days Iwakuni Byoin is closed.
Usage fee 2,000 yen / day
※ Please note that you need to pay additionally for the medical advice at Iwakuni Byoin.
Lunch : 400 yen, snack: 100 yen (Not necessary if you brought your own)

You need to bring an instruction form directed at Kid Inn from your GP or pediatrician.

Registration Free of charge (You need your seal for the form).
Annual renewal necessary (April – next March)
For the registration, please contact Kodomo-Shien (“Child Support”) Section at Iwakuni City Hall or Kid Inn.
• Kodomo Shien Section of Iwakuni City Hall: 0827‐29‐5077
• Kid Inn : 0827‐41‐1381
You may register on the morning of your first day.
Make sure to book beforehand at Kid Inn since we take only the limited numbers of children.
Kid Inn : 0827‐41‐1381

You will need to bring as below :
  Health insurance card, maternity record book, your seal,
A record of medication, medicine, antifebrile (if prescribed),
An instruction form directed at Kid Inn from the GP or pediatrician,
A set of underclothes and cloths, plastic bags for washings, towels, a box of tissue,
A blanket for a nap (summer time only )
An infant will also need :

Diapers, diaper wipes, bibs, milk, a feeding bottle, a baby mug (if necessary)
* Please bring soft drinks or isotonic drinks if necessary.
* Please bring snack foods when your child has a food allergy.