Woolybow (“baby wild boar”) House takes care of children or grandchildren of the Iwakuni Byouin staff.
It also takes care of children of the patients of the obstetrical or the gynecology department of Iwakuni Byouin while mothers are being hospitalized.
An advance registration is necessary.

Both the obstetrical department and Woolybow House have the registration form.
Please fill in the form and hand it in at Woolybow House.
  Iwakuni Byoin : 0827‐41‐0850
Woolybow House : 0827‐41‐1381

Service hour Weekdays / 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the days Iwakuni Byoin is closed.
Usage fee 1,000 yen / day
500 yen / up to 5 hours
Lunch can be ordered for 100 yen.
Please bring his/her own snacks.

You will need to bring as below :
  Health insurance card, maternity record book
A set of cloths, towels, plastic bags for washings,
A blanket for a nap (summer time only )
Diapers, diaper wipes, bibs, a spoon, a fork, snack food
Milk, a feeding bottle, a baby mug (if necessary)